1,807 Teddy Bears

1,807 Teddy Bears

It must take real strength to leave behind all you know and head in search of healing. Many of our patients travel great distances to reach our floating hospital, the Africa Mercy. Can you imagine what it must be like? The arduous journey fuelled by hope into the unknown. Some of our patients have never seen a city before, let alone a ship, and never visited a hospital before. Like the two sisters, Salamatou and Mariama, who had never left their mountain village before (read their story here…)

With your help, we do all we can to make our patients feel at home; welcome and safe. Among other things, all patients are given a welcome pack which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer and some other bits to help a patient feel welcome when they arrive onboard.

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Our supporters also provide teddy bears, each one handmade and unique. For many younger patients (and some older ones, too!) these beloved stuffed animals help provide comfort throughout their treatment and recovery. Many of the children have never visited a hospital before, and it can be a frightening experience.

This year, the skilled makers of Yarndale put their knitting needles to work in support of Mercy Ships. Their aim was to produce 500 teddy bears…


The 1,807 teddy bears on display at this year’s Yardale


Yarndale is a creative festival celebrating all things “woolly and wonderful” held in Skipton, North Yorkshire. This year they all got together and made an amazing 1,807 wonderful teddy bears, which will help bring joy to young patients across West Africa.

Thanks to the generosity of Yarndale and so many other groups across the UK, these children will have a friend available when they need a hug. In fact, we have more than ever before!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to make one, two, three or many more bears! We have enough to last us a few years now!


An international community came together to produce the teddies