Mercy Ships, Helping Patients

Our patients

In low-income and lower-middle-income countries, nine out of ten people have no access to basic surgical care. Our charity hospital ships sail directly to these people to offer the medical care they need – for free.

Mercy Ships, Volunteers

Our volunteers

The Mercy Ships crew of the Africa Mercy is led by a team of volunteers from up to 40 nations, all of whom give their time and expertise for free. Mercy Ships doesn’t just take doctors and nurses – we need all skills, we need your skills.

Mercy Ships

The countries we visit

Since 1978, medical missions by Mercy Ships have worked with compassion in more than 56 nations, providing services worth over £1.2 billion that have helped more than 2.8 million people. Our current focus is on sub-Saharan Africa.

Help a child like Houleye today

Right now, more children like Houleye are dreaming of a life without pain, fear, and tears. You can help their dream come true today. You can give them hope and a chance to look at themselves in the mirror and see a smile where a cleft lip was, a smooth cheek rather than a painful tumour, a straight limb instead of a bowed one.

Latest news

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