Church Partner

If you are part of a church that wants to engage with Mercy Ships, we’d love to speak to you.

We have developed some fantastic church resources that will help you tell your church congregation about our work, and get them fired up about partnering with us to eradicate diseases of poverty in Africa. Are you ready to make history?

All of these resources can be downloaded below. If you have any questions, or want to get in touch for whatever reason, please email our church partnership manager, Darren Richards, at

The main part of our new church pack is this booklet.

The main part of our new church pack is this booklet.

The booklet contains some background information about Mercy Ships and our work, and how you can get involved as a church. It’s really easy to navigate, and full of ways to energise your church into action to help some of the poorest people in the world.

MercyActs challenge cards.

These are the MercyActs challenge cards. As well as the Flagship Challenge, there are challenges you can do indoors and outdoors, bringing your church community together in creative, fun ways.

MercyActs challenge cards

MercyActs Poster

MercyActs Church Poster

Get your free download of this MercyActs poster in A2 format for you to print out and pin up in your church.

Faith in Action Devotional

Faith in Action, Mercy Ships

We also have a fantastic devotional for your church small groups, based around the Book of James. Our downloadable pdf was created as part of our partnership with Spring Harvest. It includes plenty of inspiration for putting your faith into action and making history.

Response Form

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And here is the response form for you to tell us all about you, your church, how we can best serve you, and how you’re interacting with our resources.