Give in your Will

By remembering Mercy Ships in your Will, you will continue to spread hope and healing to some of the poorest countries in the world for generations to come.

What legacy will you leave?

Dear Mercy Ships supporter,

I wanted to leave a Will because it’s the kindest and most thoughtful thing to do for your family.

It’s a heart-warming thing to do for yourself as well as you don’t need to feel anxious about what’s going to happen when the time comes.

By choosing to leave a legacy gift our money goes to things that God has led us to support. So that’s why I wanted to leave a gift in my Will: to make things less complex for family, but also to use our money for things that really count.

For me, leaving a Will means the good that I’ve really enjoyed doing for Mercy Ships will carry on after I’m gone. I know that the money will be used for life change. People aren’t just helped temporarily by Mercy Ships. Their whole lives are turned around!

Many of my family are medics, nurses, midwives, physios and therefore they are very supportive of my decision to leave money to Mercy Ships. They know so much about Mercy Ships and what it means to me.

You don’t have to leave a gift to a charity when you have a Will made for free. But if you choose to you know you are giving the gift of life and healing to so many people who have no one to turn to.

My gift will be there for someone when all hope seems lost. It is wonderful to know that.

- Ruth Guy

It is advisable to make your Will through a solicitor to make it legally binding, for tax efficiencies, to protect those whom you love and to ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled.

Need help writing your Will?  Mercy Ships offers a Free Wills service

Thanks to a partnership with the National Free Wills Network in 2019, Mercy Ships offers a Free Wills service to enable you to make a ‘Simple’ or ‘Mirror’ Will, or to update an existing Will free of charge, and by appointment from a choice of participating solicitors in your location. You don’t have to include a gift for Mercy Ships in your Will, but we hope you will consider doing this, after providing for your loved ones.

Find out more

To request a Mercy Ships legacy pack with more information about the free Wills service, fill in the form below and a downloadable PDF will be emailed to you automatically. Alternatively, please email us at: or phone us on 01438 727800 to request your free pack.

If you would also like us to securely pass on your details to our partner, The National Free Wills Network, please contact us and include your postal address. They will then send you full information, including a voucher for an appointment with a local solicitor. You can set up a meeting to see your chosen solicitor who will draw up your Will and you don’t have to pay the bill.

A legacy gift for Mercy Ships helps to create a bright future for children, young people and adults suffering from treatable conditions. It frees them from their pain, disability or disfigurement, and gives a joyful homecoming to family, friends, community, work or school. A gift in your Will for Mercy Ships will be a living legacy of continuing compassion and improved healthcare.

The National Free Wills service is offered to Mercy Ships supporters who are writing or amending their Will, and covers the cost of a ‘Simple’ or ‘Mirror’ Will.

To find out more about this scheme please call 01438 727800 or send us an email.

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