An unthinkable condition. An unbelievable transformation.

Ulrich’s medical condition left his legs severely bent. With no medical or surgical option, Ulrich’s future included being gawked at, teased and ridiculed, a fate no child deserves. Then Mercy Ships gave him the free surgery that changed his life forever.

After both legs were straightened, the healing process began. The day his casts were removed, Ulrich stood up on his own, walked towards his Mercy Ships surgeon and handed him the wooden walking sticks. He wouldn’t need them anymore. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

You can be part of transforming lives like Ulrich’s.


What is Unique About Mercy Ships?


Volunteers are the heart of our work. Doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers and other from 50 nations pay their own way to give their time, talent and hearts. This helps to ensure your donations have maximum impact

Our non-emergency hospital ships stay in port for 10-months to help the most people and build long-term medical capacity in the areas we serve.

Many communities have little to no access to safe surgical care, so we work to answer the call of providing free surgery to those in need.

Mercy Ships operate the world’s largest civilian hospital ships and our charity mission is possible thanks to corporate donations of supplies and the gifts of generous people like you.

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14 African Nations.

2M+ Lives Impacted.

For over 40 years, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 56 nations. Currently, Mercy Ships is focused on providing surgeries and medical training in sub-Saharan Africa, while helping to develop strong health infrastructure in the areas we serve. Why Africa? For several reasons.

The need is great. In sub-Saharan Africa, there are only 2 physicians per 10,000 people.

People in developing countries in Africa suffer and die from treatable conditions, including tumours, burns, twisted limbs and more.

Mercy Ships is a long-term partner of health specialists in Africa, committed to training and mentoring healthcare workers and increasing medical capacity.


Two Ships.

Twice the Transformations.

The Global Mercy, our newest ship and the world’s largest civilian hospital ship will join the Africa Mercy in providing even more life-changing surgeries and medical training.

Powered by love.

“As a nurse onboard, I get to be a part of rebuilding broken hearts with love and laughter… This is why I volunteer.” Meggin Tallman, Volunteer Ward Nurse

Our mission is fueled by the time, talent and hearts of volunteers.

More than 1,300 volunteers come from over 50 nations.

Volunteers pay their own way to care for others in need.


Healing Gamai

Gamai suffered severe burns on her upper torso and arms when she was just one year old. The scarring left her unable to use her arms and others made fun of her, Her mother kept her little girl sheltered for years to protect her from the cruelty of others.

Today, after surgery, Gamai and her family are overjoyed and her infections spirit can now be seen by all.


Provide Free Surgeries that Change Lives