Country: Cameroon

Age: 4

Surgery: Cataract Removal

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There isn’t much that frightens four-year-old Tresor. He isn’t scared of monsters under his bed or dragons in the cupboard.

But today little Tresor is scared.

His hands clutch the newly removed eye patches as he scrunches his eyes closed. He refuses to open them even as the nurse gentle coaxes him from the darkness.

You see, Tresor had been suffering from cateracts. Over the previous months he became increasingly afraid of the cloudy patches in his eyes. Suddenly he couldn’t see his friends or cars on the road. He began to get scared when he couldn’t see the letters on the blackboard at school, and everything looked blurry. Tresor didn’t know it, but he was slowly going blind.

But thankfully, Tresor received a life-changing operation on board the Africa Mercy.

Dr Glenn Strauss, the volunteer ophthalmic surgeon who operated on Tresor. “He had cataracts and very limited vision…’’

It took a few minutes — and his mother, Larissa’s whispered encouragement — before the four-year-old dared to slowly blink his eyes open. Immediately, his eyes spread wide. Wonder replaced fear as he reached for the toy car in front of him — something he hadn’t been able to see clearly just a day before.

“One, two, three, four, five,” Tresor grinned as he loudly counted his mother’s fingers. She held him close against her chest, letting out an audible sigh of relief.

Because of the medical intervention he received at Mercy Ships, Tresor was able to get back into regular life quickly. In just a matter of weeks, he was back in school writing, reading, and playing without anything holding him back.

“I want a better life for my child than I had,” Larissa said. “Now, I’m full of joy and comfort, and grateful that Mercy Ships came and gave healing to my child. I’m so happy.”

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