Amadou’s surgery changed not only his life, but helped to heal his community. This is his story…

For the last 15 years, Amadou has refused to be defined by the tumour growing on his face. To his community, he is seen as a doctor, a leader and a pillar of hope.

Medicine was a clear path for Amadou, who had been a practising nurse for over 20 years, fulfilling his desire to help others. Even as his own health deteriorated as he developed a Pleomorphic tumour in his salivary gland that grew slowly and steadily on the side of his face his condition did not stop him caring for his patients.

“I did not ever tell myself ‘because you have this tumor you cannot help others’ — that would not be fair to them,” Amadou said. “Instead I told myself that I should still try my best to help those around me so that God would help me in return.”

Amadou knew that his own local hospital was not equipped to perform the surgery needed to remove his tumour, so he began to save money in the hopes that he might one day travel to find help removing the mass that now weighed as much as a basketball.

One day, as Amadou sat in his clinic, people from his village came rushing in to tell him some exciting news. The man who spent his days helping others might finally be able to find help for himself onboard a hospital ship docked in Conakry, Guinea.

“I cannot even begin to describe what this community means to me and how much I love them,” Amadou said. “It’s even more than they seem to love me!”

Amadou made his way to the Africa Mercy, not to be saved, but to receive the help he needed to continue saving others. After a successful surgery onboard by volunteer medical professionals, Amadou was cleared to go home. Upon his return, it became abundantly clear just how much he meant to his community, as hundreds gathered for his arrival. People dancing and singing lined the streets in celebration as his friends and family welcomed back their well-loved doctor.

“I cannot even begin to describe what this community means to me and how much I love them,” Amadou said. “It’s even more than they seem to love me!”

The story of his healing traveled through his community and soon reached another in need. Soon after he’d returned home, a 37-year-old woman came into this clinic with a cleft lip. Leaving his recently reunited family, Amadou travelled for over a day to bring her to nurses from the Africa Mercy.

``When I heard about the ship, I was the happiest man,” Amadou said. “I thought, if I get this surgery, I will be a patient ambassador and tell the world about Mercy Ships!”

“Whilst at the ship I learned how they take care of their patients and I wanted to bring this back to my own clinic,” he said.

He used this time to tell fearful patients who were waiting for surgery that everything would be okay — that he was a walking testimony of the safe surgery performed on the ship. True to his word, Amadou became the ship advocate that he promised he’d be.

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