Elizabeth Myers

Elizabeth, originally from Chester, is a ward nurse onboard the Africa Mercy.

I have always wanted to use my skills as a nurse to serve those in need. Since I was ten, I have wanted to go to Africa and when I qualified in 2016 as a paediatric nurse I wanted to volunteer with Mercy Ships. A friend in my church had served three times before on the ship and was telling me about it when I was still a student. I had also seen some Facebook adverts from years ago.

For me, the experience has been everything I had hoped for. I have made so many different and wonderful memories, built relationships built patients who just want your love and to laugh with you and made life-long friendships with cabin mates. I have three months left on the ship, but I think my main memories that I take away with me will be the way God used me in all circumstances regardless of my feelings. He is sovereign and loves to use us even if we feel inadequate or unable to serve.

For me, the experience has been everything I had hoped for.

I will always remember the amazing members of our day crew. These are locals who work onboard the Africa Mercy, whilst she is in their country. Their humbleness and patience is a beautiful thing. They love, laugh, sing, serve and work wholeheartedly it is incredible to serve alongside them, hear their stories and watch how they want to help.

If you are thinking of serving onboard I would really recommend it! It’s an incredible and life changing experience and if God gives you the opportunity to go and serve then you should seize it with both hands!

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