In partnership with UCB

Mercy Ships are pleased to partner with UCB. 

Both Mercy Ships and UCB believe everyone deserves access to safe, affordable medical care.

That’s why we use the world’s largest charity hospital ship to deliver free, safe medical care to some of the world’s poorest people. We also train local doctors and medical professionals, enabling us to make an impact that endures long after our ship departs.

Sadly, two out of every three people worldwide can’t get safe, affordable, timely surgery. Most of these people live in sub-Saharan Africa – people like little Gamai.

Gamai was just a toddler when she was badly burned in an accident. As she healed her arms fused at the elbow in a painful burns contracture. Mercy Ships performed a free surgery on Gamai, restoring her future and helping her to reach higher than ever.

Mercy Ships needs your help to change the odds for patients like Gamai.

Since 1978, and thanks to our donors’ generosity, Mercy Ships has helped the lame walk and helped the blind see. We’ve shared God’s love and healing all around the world.

This work wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, our donors and our supporters who keep us in their prayers.

Almost everyone onboard our ship is a volunteer — from surgeons and cooks to engineers and hairdressers. Not only do they give their time, but they also cover their own costs on the ship. This means the gifts from our generous donors can be focused on providing life-changing medical care

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