UCB listeners bring 170 women joy, dignity and hope for the future

UCB listeners bring 170 women joy, dignity and hope for the future

Last week, United Christian Broadcasters teamed up with Darren Richards and Ropa Rusere from Mercy Ships UK, to lay down a challenge to UCB’s generous listeners across the UK.

Presenters shared incredible stories of lives changed by Mercy Ships in the poorest African nations. Darren and Ropa joined them live on air from 6.40 am until 7 pm on Friday 11th of September, to appeal to the listeners to help give hope and healing to women suffering from untreated Obstetric Fistulas, a severe form of childbirth injury.

Presenters and listeners were moved by heartbreaking stories like Isatu’s, who delivered a sleeping baby after 11 months of pregnancy. At 18 years old, Isatu suffered a crippling childbirth injury that left her leaking urine and unable to walk properly due to nerve damage. Isatu was ostracised and humiliated by the condition. Women like Isatu are often treated like an outcast – a ‘non-person’ – unless they receive a corrective surgery to repair their injury.

After receiving treatment Isatu was given a dress and other gifts to celebrate her fresh start in life.

Thanks to listeners of both UCB 1 and 2, the money raised can enable us to reach over 170 women – women suffering from pain, humiliation and loneliness, having suffered the unthinkable, and restored to health, giving them hope, joy, and dignity.

Throughout the developing world, women are having to give birth at home without medical help, due to local lockdowns and overwhelmed healthcare systems. There are between 50,000 and 100,000 new cases of obstetric fistulas every year – with many more expected due to COVID lockdowns.

Mercy Ships are addressing this crisis within a crisis through free surgery through inland clinics and partners on the ground, in addition to PPE donations for nurses in 11 African nations and e-learning COVID Courses for medical professionals on the frontline.

We at Mercy Ships are so grateful to UCB and their incredibly generous listeners who shared what they had to help change women’s lives.  Thank you!

It’s not too late to give, you can help change the life of a woman living with a childbirth injury by supporting Mercy Ships today.