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The Africa Mercy will arrive in the port of Conakry, Guinea, in August 2018 to commence its 10-month field service.

During the 10-month stay, Mercy Ships plans to provide more than 2,000 life-changing surgeries onboard its hospital ship, treat more than 8,000 patients at a land-based dental clinic, and provide training and mentoring to local healthcare professionals.

This is the breakdown of the surgeries Mercy Ships plans to offer in Guinea:

73+  Orthopaedic surgeries
388+  Maxillofacial surgeries
134+  Reconstructive plastic surgeries
380+  General surgeries
914+  Ophthalmic surgeries
59+  Women’s health surgeries

Mercy Ships will also provide more than 18,000 dental procedures in Guinea.

Mercy Ships doesn’t just deliver medical services. We believe in driving sustainable change in every country we are invited to visit.

In Guinea, we will provide training to local healthcare professionals in essential surgical skills, obstetric anaesthesia, paediatric anaesthesia, primary trauma care, essential pain management, biomedical equipment care, neonatal resuscitation, Ponseti method and the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.

We will also mentor maxillofacial teams, surgeons, surgical nurses, anaesthesia providers and sterile processing staff. Mercy Ships will also run a nutritional agriculture training course.

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