Theatre company’s new Titanic drama will highlight work of Mercy Ships

Titanic - The Last Hero And The Last Coward poster

Theatre company’s new Titanic drama will highlight work of Mercy Ships

An exciting partnership has been formed between Mercy Ships and a theatre company that has released a new drama about the Titanic.  

Searchlight Theatre Company is touring churches with its new show ‘Titanic: The Last Hero and The Last Coward’. The drama provides audiences with the opportunity to see the inspiring story of Rev John Harper’s journey onboard the Titanic – whilst also showcasing Mercy Ships’ incredible work.  

The show follows the story of Rev John Harper and Joseph Ismay, both passengers on the Titanic. One is a church minister and one an executive of the White Star Line. One is a hero, one is a coward – but both have a story to tell!  


That ill-fated crossing generated many tales of heroism and in amongst them, one or two more questionable endeavours. First class and third class passengers seldom came eye to eye, but as the ship slowly sunk and the panic for a lifeboat space began, these two men were cast together in a devastating drama that will have audiences laughing and crying.  

Searchlight Theatre Company is using the drama to highlight the incredible work of Mercy Ships across its two hospital ships.  

The Global Mercy is the largest charity-run hospital ship in the world. The 174-meter, 37,000-ton ship has six operating rooms and houses over 600 volunteers from around the globe representing many disciplines including surgeons, maritime crew, cooks, teachers, electricians, the host staff and more. The ship also features a 682-seat auditorium, student academy, café, shop and library – all of which have been designed to accommodate up to 950 crew onboard when docked in port. 

The Africa Mercy contains five operating rooms, a four-bed recovery area, intensive care for up to five patients, and 80 ward beds. It houses about 400 volunteer crew members from up to 40 nations.  

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