Barthelimy the motorbike mechanic is one of the featured patients in the latest episode of our fantastic TV series about the work of Mercy Ships. 

The third episode of the eight-part series, The Surgery Ship, airs at 10pm on Saturday 3 June on the National Geographic channel. The series gives a rare, in-depth insight into the work of Mercy Ships, following the courageous doctors and nurses on board our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, as they provide free life-saving surgery and medical treatment to some of the world’s poorest people.

In this third episode, you will hear about Barthelimy’s disfiguring tumour, which started growing in 2006 from a small lump behind his ear. His business and relationships have suffered hugely because of the growth – and removing it proved a tricky task for the Mercy Ships surgeons, Dr Parker and Dr Kyley. Watch the episode to see what happens.

There are loads more stories in this week’s episode, too, as you get the chance to meet our incredible volunteers and the even more incredible people they’re treating. Be sure to tune in!

From the producers of the award-winning documentary of the same name, this eight-part TV series returns to The Surgery Ship to take a deeper look at the inspiring stories of the volunteer doctors and nurses making life and death decisions every day, as well as the thousands of patients who desperately need their help.

“We were overwhelmed by the response to the documentary and we knew that there were more stories to be told about the incredible, life-saving work undertaken on board the Africa Mercy,” said the series producer, Madeleine Hetherton. “Making the series has enabled us to revisit some of the volunteers and patients featured in The Surgery Ship, as well as take a closer look at day to day life on the ship.”


*National Geographic Channel can be found at Sky channel number 526 (also its HD version); Virgin Media channel number 266 or 268 for HD; TalkTalk 317; BT TV channel number 373; YouView from BT channel number 423; UPC channel number 215 (or 221 for HD).