The Crew

  • Emmanuel Essah
    Biomedical Technician

    Like most volunteers, Emmanuel’s journey involved leaving home and traveling across the world. Except he did things a bit backward. Emmanuel left his native home in Benin, Africa, and flew all the way to Texas to become a Biomedical Technician—and finished top of his class. Then he joined the Africa Mercy. Today, Emmanuel is a long-term crew member, supporting the hospital and helping with repairs and calibration of the hospital equipment. “I feel blessed to be able to use my skills to support this ministry and to bring hope and healing—and to love and serve unconditionally,” says Emmanuel.

  • Michelle White

    Michelle joined Mercy Ships on her first of six commitments on board our retired hospital ship, the Anastasis, in December 2005, and her servant’s heart to our cause has been an inspiration. Michelle is invaluable in the operating theatre, but she is also essential for bringing medical education to the countries we serve. “We serve the poorest of the poor and focus on the patient in front of us,” she says, “but we also work closely with governments to transform health care for the better.”

  • Scott Reed
    Hospital Supply Coordinator

    Whether the hospital needs bandages or bedpans, Scott is the man in charge. He heard about Mercy Ships from a family friend who has been on board for 25 years. He found himself complaining about his job and life in general when his mother suggested he volunteer. “At first I thought the idea was crazy, but now I’m here and I love it I now consider Africa my home. I’m part way through a 3-year commitment. Since I never dreamed I’d be living in Africa, only God knows what is next.” Scott says.

  • Ally & Amy Jones
    IS Specialist & Nurse

    When Ally and Amy met, they knew it was love at first sight. “Amy and I have always known that a mission was going to be a part of the grand picture of our marriage,” explains Ally. When their careers reached a point they felt it was time to take their skills overseas, they joined the Africa Mercy.“Amy has a gift with nursing, and I ended up joining the crew as an IS Specialist. I’m a geek, so it works,” Ally says with a laugh. 

  • Mary Doll
    Engineering Storeman

    Is she a nurse? Nope. A doctor? Guess again… Mary was the ship’s Engineering Storeman. A typical day for Mary was in the belly of the ship with the engineers, where she worked to keep our engine storerooms brimming at stock level. Mercy Ships was Mary’s first chapter of her personal commitment to dedicate the next 10 years of her life to mission service work. “I love that you’re working side-by-side with volunteers from many countries and talents who pay to be here,” says Mary about Mercy Ships.