Sambany’s Story Featured on TLC

Body Bizarre is an international medical series for the Discovery / TLC channel which follows adults and children around the globe as they deal with extreme and rare health disorders. Each episode follows five stories per hour, covering a wide range of geographical locations, medical and social situations.

On Thursday, 29th September, the programme will feature the incredible story of Mercy Ships patient Sambany as the charity’s medical team performed one of their most life-changing surgeries to date.

For almost 20 years, Sambany’s life had been consumed by a massive tumour, twice the size of this head that had been slowly growing from his neck. The tumour was massive; it was a burden that represented two decades of misery.

Sambany’s surgery marked a historic moment for Mercy Ships, which has been operating since 1978, as it was one of the biggest tumours the team on board had ever seen. After a 12 hour surgery, which was twice as long as planned, the 7.46 kg (16.45 lbs) tumour he carried for nearly a third of his life was finally removed.

Watch Body Bizarre, 29th September at 10pm on TLC to find out more about Sambany’s inspiration story and how the Mercy Ships team performed such transformative surgery.