Ponsetti Clinic Opens

The dramatic transformation of broken and deserted hospital buildings into highly functional and fit-for-purpose hospital was recently unveiled in Madagascar.

The region’s hospital (University Central Hospital in Toamasina - CHUT) now has, for the first time, a dedicated Ponsetti clinic.

Ponsetti casting is a remarkable technique that enables the correction of club foot in small children without intrusive surgery.  Local nurses are being trained by Mercy Ships in this procedure, and at this clinic, they will help disabled Malagasy children learn to walk confidently for the first time.

Also revealed were modern facilities dedicated to biomedical services. The bright, renovated space will enable technical staff to effectively maintain the hospital’s valuable equipment – an essential task in developing nations where replacing equipment is rarely an option.

The combined rehabilitation initiative between Mercy Ships, and the regional hospital in Toamasina, is being led by Nick Veltjens,  and Dr Edouard Razafindravoanjo,  who will carry on the clinic's work long after Nick and his team depart with the Africa Mercy.

Little 6-month-old Serah was born with club feet, but even before she even learns to walk her feet will be straight and strong. She is receiving leg casting at the new Mercy Ships Ponseti clinic, which will gradually move each foot into its permanent correct position. This will allow Serah to take her first steps free of the burden and ridicule associated with her condition.