Nurse trainees begin training programme

In Toamasina, not more than a mile from where the Africa Mercy is docked, sits another hospital, Hospital Be.

These are some of the ward nurses from this hospital; they are some very special people because there are only four of them for all the wards in Hospital Be.

In fact Madagascar only has 5,661 nurses for a population of 23 million people. They rotate between the four of them, working 24 hour shifts and caring for up to 50 patients at a time. 

Despite being spread so thinly, they are hungry to learn more. We’ll bring these local nurses on to the ship for training one day a week, and two days a week we will go to them to mentor them in their working environments, imparting skills and knowledge from our international nursing team that serves on board the Africa Mercy.

Through our Healthcare Education programme, we will be improving the health care system in Madagascar, one life at a time and this is only the beginning.