First eye surgeries

In Madagascar most of the population does not have access to life changing operations like a cataract removal surgery.

They either cannot reach some of the few facilities where this kind of surgery is available or they cannot afford the cost to pay the medical fees for the operation.

Mercy Ships recently began offering these sight giving surgeries for free on board the Africa Mercy, and four men were among the first of those who have started on the road to restored sight.

One of the men, Petera sees the world in a unique way. He loves to see the world through books. Lots of them. Whether it’s a good spy novel, scientific journals or the daily newspaper, Petera reads whatever he can get his hands on.

However, in the last two years, Petera has not been able to do much reading because of cataracts, which has severely limited his vision with each passing day.

Petera had a simple 20 minute surgery on the Africa Mercy to remove the cataracts in his left eye. We cannot wait for Petera to return in a couple of weeks to tell us how he is doing and what books he is reading.