Basic surgical skills course

The tables in E ward saw, heard and smelled many things that few tables have seen, heard or smelled before. Curious contraptions holding shoelace-like things, pig feet, synthetic skin, material laid over flower pots containing balloons, and exclamations of, ‘‘Comme ça (‘like this’ in French),” and, “Bravo!”

Welcome to our Basic Surgical Skills Course. An interactive, visual way by which local doctors can learn important basic surgical skills, such as tying knots (“shoelaces”), tendon/tissue repairs (trotters), suturing (synthetic skin), or basic surgery (flower pots), in two days.

Sixteen doctors benefited from the training given by volunteer UK surgeons Dr. Marc Bullock and Dr. Jack Broadhurst.

Thank you to Johnson and Johnson, the Royal College of Surgeons  and the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland for partnering with Mercy Ships in helping make this service possible, and investing in the health care infrastructure of Madagascar.