Support the Mercy Ships match for first-time donors

Mercy Ships volunteers and patients form close bonds on the hospital ship.

Support the Mercy Ships match for first-time donors

When thinking about all the reasons Mercy Ships donors and volunteers get involved with our international charity, one of our donors recently summed it up perfectly:

“We own nothing; everything is borrowed from God. I want to give when I can for those who need it more than me.”

This is the kind of heartfelt support from our donors and volunteers that enables Mercy Ships to bring free medical care and life-changing surgeries to children and families living in extreme poverty in Africa.

This month, we have an exciting opportunity for our supporters who haven’t made their first gift. Thanks to a generous donor, all first-time donations up to £750 will be matched — but only for a limited time! By making a gift before June 30th you’ll provide twice as much free medical care at no extra cost to you.

Since our August arrival in Conakry, Guinea, our volunteers have been hard at work providing thousands of surgeries onboard our hospital ship, treating everything from cataracts and bowed legs to facial tumours. We’ve treated thousands more at a land-based dental clinic and provided training to countless local healthcare professionals so healing can continue long after we’ve gone.

The surgeries we take for granted are simply not an option in Africa, because many people have little or no access to any healthcare. In fact, there are only 2.5 physicians per 10,000 people in Africa, compared to 33.3 physicians per 10,000 in Europe.

The need is truly staggering, and it’s just one of many reasons people choose to contribute to Mercy Ships.

How you can help

  • Giving in honour or in memory of a loved one
  • Donating to support a friend who’s serving as a volunteer
  • Collecting gifts for Mercy Ships in lieu of birthday gifts
  • Contributing as a tithe

Whatever your reason, we invite you to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

Our next mission in Senegal begins soon and we need your help to prepare for it. Right now is the best time to make your first gift because your contribution will go twice as far thanks to a generous donor’s match. But the offer stands only until June 30th. Please make your first gift today.