Making someone smile is one of the best feelings in the world! Why don't you use this priceless gift to raise a smile and support Mercy Ships in National Smile Month (15 May-15 June 2017).

Together you can help us give some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children the chance to smile openly without fear or feeling inhibited for perhaps the first time in their lives.

5 ways to Raise a Smile by raising money for Mercy Ships 

Raise your Smile for Mercy Ships
Raise money by doing something that makes you smile – and getting your friends to sponsor you. How about raising £100 with a sponsored run, dog walk, or even sitting in a bath of jelly! Your sponsored smiles will help children like Vernel smile too.

Wear a Smile for Mercy Ships
See if you can raise 50 smiles and £50 by getting sponsored to wear silly clothes for a day. Or, perhaps you normally wear a work or school uniform and could get people to pay to wear their own clothes for the day. Wherever you are – in a school, dental surgery, office, or on a bus, train or plane – how could your clothes put smiles on faces both here and in Africa?

Your Smile is sweet enough for Mercy Ships
Try getting sponsored to go Sugar Free for the month of National Smile Month. While you’re asking people to sponsor you, why not add the money you’ll save (from not buying sugary treats) to your fundraising pot? Reducing your sugar intake will help to keep the dentist away, whilst raising £10 a day (during National Smile Month) could provide a fantastic £300 for the work of Mercy Ships.

Game for a Smile for Mercy Ships
One thing’s for sure, people are always game for a smile and a laugh in life, so how about organising a simple event to raise loads of smiles and money. SMILEraising £500 could make a huge difference for more children by funding a dentist for a day. It could be a Comedy Film Night where you invite friends to watch one or more comedy classics in the comfort of your home. People could be encouraged to make a donation to attend, or to drop a coin in a bowl each time they laugh during the film. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not organise a Stand-up Comedy/ Karaoke event in your school or local pub? People could get sponsored to be a comedian or singer for a night and the audience can make donations to show their appreciation and support the cause.

Spread a Smile for Mercy Ships
We all know it’s the little things in life, such as a welcome smile, that can make the biggest difference. During National Smile Month what can you do to make others smile (in exchange for donations) and help us spread the smile as far as Africa! It could be as simple as telling jokes, singing songs, or grinning from ear to ear for 24 hours. Whatever you choose, as you’re spreading the smiles, remember to ask people to support your SMILEraising endeavours for Mercy Ships. By raising £100 you can save lives and put beaming smiles on children’s faces