New partnership with Seapeak

Seapeak partnership

New partnership with Seapeak

This official partnership between Mercy Ships and Seapeak will change the lives of volunteers in the maritime sector and “leave a legacy of positive change” in African nations.

Seafarers from shipping company Seapeak have joined forces with Mercy Ships to give their employees the opportunity to share their skills onboard our two hospital ships, helping to deliver free, life-saving surgeries and medical care in sub-Saharan Africa.

This will give seafarers the opportunity to be part of the charitable community by volunteering their skills, something that is often difficult for seafarers based at sea.

Each year, more than 3,000 volunteers from over 60 countries serve on board the world’s two largest civilian hospital ships, the Africa Mercy, and the Global Mercy. From medics to maritime officers, teachers to technicians, cooks to engineers, so many compassionate people share their time and talents to run our hospital ships. One third of the crew are seafarers who operate the ship safely so that doctors can smoothly perform life-changing operations.

Together, Seapeak and Mercy Ships are working to select candidates from Seapeak’s amazing Talent Community of active seafarers to come onboard and serve with Mercy Ships as volunteer crew.

Joanne Balaam, Mercy Ships UK CEO, said:
“Mercy Ships has had ship support in the past, but this new committed form of support is life-changing for us as a charity.

“With two ships, the Africa Mercy, and the Global Mercy, working in partnership with Africa to deliver free surgery and provide additional medical training, we need 3,000 skilled volunteers a year. Seafarers are critical members of our crew, and we are delighted that this new partnership will give us access to Seapeak’s skilled team.”

She said that the partnership would help many more patients like Ousseynou and Assane who developed identical conditions that made their legs curve outward at the knee. Their parents could find no way to help their children until they heard of Mercy Ships.

Chris McDade, Vice President of Operations at Seapeak said:
“At Seapeak, we are thrilled to announce our meaningful partnership with Mercy Ships, a charity providing vital healthcare to developing nations. As a shipping company, we recognise the unique position we hold to offer tangible support by deploying our skilled and experienced seafarers to collaborate with Mercy Ships and contribute to their mission.

“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts often tend to be shore-focused, but through our alliance with Mercy Ships, we are breaking barriers and extending the opportunity to give our valued seafarers an opportunity to give back. By actively engaging them in this noble cause, we empower our sea staff to make a profound difference by working hand-in-hand with Mercy Ships’ dedicated team to deliver life-changing healthcare services.

“This partnership embodies our core values of compassion, solidarity, and commitment to social impact. Together, with Mercy Ships, we are paving a transformative path where maritime expertise converges with humanity, leaving a legacy of positive change in the regions we touch.”

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