Saliou’s story

Saliou’s story

Saliou was born with a cleft lip. At best a cleft lip is a disfiguring condition but it can mean that infants struggle to feed and it can often lead to malnutrition and sometimes death; despite the desperate family’s best efforts. This was so nearly the case for Baby Junior, who we met in Cameroon (click here to read his story)

Thankfully, Saliou’s condition did not prevent him from gaining weight as he grew. Sadly, it is often the case that people suffering from cleft lips are mocked and bullied. Thanks to Mercy Ships supporters, Saliou won’t experience this and will be able to live a normal childhood. This is what Mercy Ships supporters like you do. They transform peoples’ lives. With luck, Saliou will never even remember he had a cleft lip.

UK volunteer anaesthetist Sarah Kwok was part of the team that performed the free surgery. Thank you for helping make this happen!


Saliou before free surgery onboard the Africa Mercy

Dr Gary Parker on the ward with Saliou


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