Right now, in a remote small town in Senegal,  a child like Mariama is in desperate need of urgent medical care that only you can provide. Their lives have stopped. Their pain and suffering are a daily reality. A severe cleft lip or a facial tumour is straining their smile. Slowly bending legs are crushing their dream of making something of their lives. Cataracts in their eyes are plunging them further and further into darkness

In these difficult times, we stopped going out, meeting up, embracing, together, and visiting family.
But in critical times like these, we don’t stop reaching out, being a community, smiling, hoping, loving. Don’t stop mercy!

Right now, and until the 31st of August 2020, donations are being matched by a generous donor from Calder Investments. So any gift you make will have double the impact and help move mercy forwards for patients like Mariama.

Read Mariama’s Story


can help provide someone with their first eye test. Did you know that many of the countries Mercy Ships serve have few eye specialists and routine eye tests are often unavailable? Your gift can help someone have their first-ever eye test.

Patient having eye exam
Ulrich free surgery


can help provide surgery for orthopaedic problems such as bowed legs. You can literally help the lame walk. You gift can help someone like Ulrich stand tall again.


can help to pay for a share of a tumour removal surgery. Your gift can help free someone from pain and despair, restoring their hope and returning them to their community. Someone like Isatu.

Tumour removal


can help cover the cost of a Women’s Health patient’s recovery and stay with Mercy Ships. You can help provide a woman with the care she needs to recover after her life-changing surgery and make her feel loved and part of a community again. Someone like Gisele.