Mercy Ships + Spring Harvest: Partners Again!

Mercy Ships + Spring Harvest: Partners Again!

Mercy Ships is excited to be the featured charity partner for the 2019 Spring Harvest festival — the second year in a row for such an honour!

We had such an uplifting experience last year at Spring Harvest that we can’t wait to return. The thousands of people who attend Spring Harvest have a passion to serve and a drive to spread hope — and that meshes seamlessly with our mission at Mercy Ships.

Our charity hospital ship (the world’s largest) is docked in Conakry, Guinea, through June 2019. In Guinea, there are just three hospital beds and one doctor for every 10,000 people. Because medical care is so scarce, ailments that western Europeans could address with a quick hospital visit frequently turn into life-threatening burdens. So for many people in sub-Saharan Africa, Mercy Ships is the only option for getting access to safe, affordable, timely medical treatment — and the only hope of regaining a healthy life.

At Spring Harvest, you can learn more about Mercy Ships’ mission and, more important, learn how you can help change the odds for the people of Guinea.

The next Spring Harvest has a theme of “Unlimited … When You Pray.” Mark your calendars from 9 April to 19 April at these locations:

Minehead One 9-13 April
Minehead Two 13-18 April
Harrogate 13-17 April
Skegness 15-19 April

Spaces are filling up! Act now to reserve your spot!

Click here to book your tickets. 

Our experience with Spring Harvest last year was tremendous. Thousands of Christians were inspired to take action — praying, donating, spreading the word or volunteering. Certainly, Mercy Ships has a place for you.

Get in the spirit for this year’s Spring Harvest by watching this video from the 2018 Spring Harvest, showing how Mercy Ships not only helps those in medical need but deeply touches the hearts and souls of those of us who can offer hope.