Mercy Ships film nominated for major VR award

Mercy Ships VR film

Mercy Ships film nominated for major VR award

Mercy Ships is thrilled to announce that the 360-degree virtual reality film “Mercy” has been nominated for honours at the 2019 VR Awards. The film follows Mercy Ships patient Edith on her life-changing journey of healing through free surgery onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. 

Hosted by the Academy of International Extended Reality, the VR Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in the virtual reality industry. “Mercy” is nominated for the VR Social Impact Award.

Director Armando Kirwin and his film crew brought their cutting-edge virtual reality technology to our floating hospital, the Africa Mercy, to follow Edith on her journey of hope and healing. They created an immersive film experience, allowing viewers to join 14-year-old Edith on her long trek to our hospital ship. Once onboard, she received life-changing surgery to remove a tennis ball-sized tumour that had been growing on the side of her face since she was 7.

Through the magic of VR, the film enables viewers not only to find themselves in remote parts of Cameroon but to walk side by side with Edith as she transforms. The film was produced through the Oculus VR for Good Creators Lab programme, which pairs rising filmmakers with non-profits. Kirwin and crew members share their delight in making the film in this video.



“Mercy” debuted at SXSW and has been featured at Tribeca and other film festivals around the world.

The immersive film treatment of this story of determination and triumph is a fitting testament to the Mercy Ships message of hope and healing. We wish “Mercy” the best of luck at the VR Awards on 11 November in Central London!