Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2018

Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2018

Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2018 has been a great success!

The global shipping and trading community joined together a third time to raise more than $815,000 for Mercy Ships! The support received from our generous partners in the shipping industry has been truly amazing!

Thank you to everyone who took part. Your efforts have ensured that more people will have their lives changed forever. People like Valerie and Edith, the mother and daughter that we met in Cameroon. They were both afflicted by facial tumours. Valerie’s tumour weighed over 8 pounds. Their story is so touching and was featured in our BBC Radio 4 Appeal and has been covered by the Daily Mail.

Click here for the Daily Mail article. 

25 Charterers, 17 Shipowners, 21 Shipbrokers, 2 Port agents, plus 5 Service Companies and Associations all took part in this year’s Cargo Day. In total, 102 Cargoes were given by shipbrokers and port agents while 7 Address Commissions were given by Charterers and Shipowners. Also, 33 Pledges were given by Charterers, Shipbrokers, Shipowners, Consultants, Port Agents and Associations.

As a thank you for this wonderful breakthrough amount raised to save more lives in Africa, a video was made for you by Mercy Ships with our Geneva Cargo Day Committee with our patients and volunteers.