Mercy Ships Board Members Lucy Quist and Dr Juliette Tuakli Honoured in Humanitarian Awards Global

Mercy Ships Board Members Lucy Quist and Dr Juliette Tuakli Honoured in Humanitarian Awards Global

Humanitarian Awards Global recently published a list highlighting the 100 Most Influential Change Makers in Ghana. The list celebrates the incredible achievements of different impactful individuals who accomplish leadership and humanitarian efforts with excellence and integrity. Two of our very own Board Members, Lucy Quist (pictured right) and Dr Juliette Tuakli (pictured left), are named among these influential change-makers.

In addition to serving on the Mercy Ships International Board since July 2019, Lucy Quist is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and the Head of Firm Resilience and the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Technology, Operations, and Firm Resilience. She is also the author of The Bold New Normal, in which she envisions and challenges people to consider the vision it will take to ensure every citizen of Africa prospers.

She has been tirelessly committed to Mercy Ships and our mission to bring hope and healing to those without access to safe surgery. In her own words, she believes surgery for individuals is not the finish line but the starting line to endless possibilities of transformation in Africa.

Dr Juliette Tuakli has worked and taught at various hospitals throughout her career as a Pediatrician and Reproductive Specialist. She currently leads the World of Trustees at United Way as the Chair of the Board and serves as the Medical Chief Officer of CHILDAccra, which she founded. She is an expert in public health and has a passion for improving healthcare and the lives of children and families throughout Africa.

Dr Juliette has served as a member of the Mercy Ships International Board for 10 years, and the Mercy Ships United Kingdom Board over this last year. We are so grateful for her longstanding support and partnership as we work towards sustainable and safe healthcare in Africa. We are also very grateful for her current involvement in our upcoming Africa Celebration in 2022.
Please join us in thanking and congratulating Lucy Quist and Dr Juliette on the recognition of their influence of hope and healing in Africa!

Please watch Lucy Quist in the World Health Day Video below!