Mercy at SXSW and Tribeca

Mercy at SXSW and Tribeca

Mercy Ships are excited to share that Mercy has been selected for the SXSW Festival!

It really is an honour to be selected! Armando Kirwin and Oculus visited Mercy Ships and our floating hospital, the Africa Mercy. Using virtual reality technology, Edith’s journey through life-changing surgery onboard the Africa Mercy was capturedfor the #VRforGoodprogram, Creators Lab. Stay tuned for the #SXSWFestivalresults!

Watch the trailer here:

Our story is centred around Edith, a 14-year-old who we met in Cameroon. She lives in the village of Centre Lobo with her parents and eight siblings. When she was seven, Edith found a painful bump on the side of her face. The bump eventually grew into a tumour on her lower right jaw the size of a tennis ball. In Cameroon, people suffering from illness can be ostracised from their communities and Edith is mocked at school and even accused of being the victim of witchcraft.

We follow Edith as she travels by foot through the jungle for days in order to have a life-transforming surgery onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.

“Mercy” was also selected to be shown at Tribeca Film Festival in April.

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