Global shipping industry commits to raising $1 million for Mercy Ships Cargo Day in 2018

Cargo Day 2018

Global shipping industry commits to raising $1 million for Mercy Ships Cargo Day in 2018

Cargo Day, which is just one month away – on 3 October – calls on the shipping and trading community around the world to unite on a single day, and donate 50% of its commission on cargoes (Mercy Cargoes) or make a direct financial contribution to Mercy Ships.

All of the money raised helps to fund Mercy Ships medical programmes in every country that its hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, visits.

The Africa Mercy is the world’s largest charity-run hospital ship, and it is staffed almost entirely by volunteers who provide free, life-changing surgeries in some of the least-developed countries in Africa. In addition to the 2,000 surgeries that the crew will perform during the ship’s current field service in Guinea, Mercy Ships volunteers will provide mentoring and training for African healthcare providers, leaving a lasting legacy.

On Cargo Day last year, ship owners, charterers, brokers, port agents and inspection companies united to donate more than $672,000 to Mercy Ships, enabling the organisation to deliver its medical programmes in the field and transform thousands of lives.

Mercy Ships is looking to smash that target this year, and is calling on the global shipping industry to unite on 3 October to raise $1 million to support its work.

International shipping companies including AET, Augusta, BRS, Clarksons Platou, Galbraith’s, Nyala, Sahara, Socar Trading, Stena Bulk, Teekay Shipping, Total, Trafigura and Valero have already agreed to partner with Mercy Ships for Cargo Day.  (To hear from some of the supporters of Cargo Day, watch the video here:

Charlene Cree, Corporate Partnership Manager at Mercy Ships UK, said: “Cargo Day is such an easy, fantastic way for the shipping community to get behind our work. We have been amazed and deeply encouraged by the response of the industry so far to the Cargo Day campaign. Clearly they believe in our work and are eager to support it, and this gives us the drive to make Cargo Day 2018 the best yet.”

To find out more, and to pledge your support, please visit, and watch this video:


About Mercy Ships:

Two-thirds of the world’s population cannot get access to safe surgery when they need it. As a result, 17 million people die every year from conditions requiring surgery. This is higher than the number who die from TB, malaria and HIV/Aids combined. Mercy Ships is working to tackle this crisis.

Mercy Ships operates the largest charity-run hospital ship in the world, delivering free, safe medical care to some of the world’s least-developed countries. This “floating hospital” is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, who give their expertise for free to help treat dental and eye problems, cleft lips and palates, tumours, club feet, childbirth injuries, burns and various other conditions.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has visited 55 countries, providing services worth more than £1 billion that have directly helped more than 2.5 million people. The organisation has also trained 40,000 local professionals in their areas of expertise to leave a legacy that lasts.

For more information about Mercy Ships, please visit

For more information about Cargo Day, contact
Charlene Cree, Corporate Partnership Manager at Mercy Ships UK | 01438 727800

For more information about Mercy Ships, contact
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