Fundraising resources

Here are some resources you may find useful for hosting your fundraising event or preparing for your sponsored challenge.

Mercy Ships Information Leaflets

Fundraising information leaflet

A printable A4 booklet with key information for hosting a fundraising event.

Mercy Ships Poster

Fundraising poster

Print out a Mercy Ships fundraising poster to advertise your event or challenge.

Mercy Acts Invitations

Fundraising event invitations

Printable invitations to send out for your fundraising event.

Mercy Ships Quiz 1

Mercy Ships quiz 1

Host a Mercy Ships quiz night with our pre-made quiz.

Mercy Ships Quiz 2

Mercy Ships quiz 2

Host a Mercy Ships quiz night with our pre-made quiz.

Mercy Ships Quiz Answer Sheets

Quiz answer sheets

Answer sheets for our pre-made quizes.

Mercy Ships Bunting

Mercy Ships bunting

Print out our Mercy Ships bunting to help decorate your event.

Mercy Ships Money Box

Mercy Ships money box

Print our Mercy Ships branded money box onto card and cut out to create a great way to collect donations at your event.

Mercy Acts Challenge Calendar

Challenge tracker

Keep yourself motivated and track your challenge event training with our Mercy Ships themed calendar.

Mercy Ships T-shirt

Mercy Ships T-shirt

Tell us about your fundraising event and request a T-shirt
01438 727 800

Mercy Ships leaflets

Mercy Ships information leaflets

Request some printed brochures about Mercy Ships for your event.
01438 727 800

Mercy Ships collection tin

Collection tin

Request a collection tin. We can help organise necessary permissions and licenses as well.
01438 727 800


Inspire your event guests and donors with videos about the work of Mercy Ships

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