The vast majority of the world’s population do not have access to surgery. As a result, there are an estimated 17 million needless deaths each year - surpassing the combined deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

“Today we know that approximately 5 billion people still have no access to basic surgical care. Surgery continues to be the neglected component of primary care”
WHO World Health Organisation 


For nearly 40 years Mercy Ships has sent hospital ships carrying teams of volunteer experts to nations across Central America and Africa providing training, surgical care and hospital renovations. Please read this brief summary of our current work

Making Change Happen

Grant making Trusts and Foundations makes a huge difference to our work. Many chose to donate to our general work. This is a great help, it gives us the ability to direct support where it’s most needed, helping us move faster towards a world where the right to health is a reality, especially surgical care. 

Our Impact

Since 1978 we have helped more than 16.3 million people (direct beneficiaries and their immediate family, their carers). We also actively support host governments and our local partners to deliver better health for all and campaign internationally via our membership of the G4 Alliance. Please read this introduction to the G4.


Mercy Ships’ capacity building work is growing, including “train the trainer” (where participants learn how to train their colleagues, in turn cascading their learning to others), leaving a lasting health legacy for host nations.    

Join Us

We are privileged to receive support from a number of Trusts and Foundations for which we are so grateful. We are keen to expand this valued network. If you are a Trustee, or have a connection to a grant making Trust or Foundation please contact Amanda King or Ruth Kearns on 01438 727800.