Work alongside our crew

There are many ways your company can raise money for Mercy Ships and help make life-changing moments happen for people in the poorest parts of the world. There are many great benefits for your company too. Click here for a list of some of our corporate supporters. For further information or assistance on anything below, please contact the fundraising department on 01438 727800 or by email here, or check out our resources centre.

Join forces with Mercy Ships

Increase your sales this year by joining forces with Mercy Ships and marketing a product or service that could benefit your company and people in poverty. Helping children desperate for medical treatment will be a great incentive for your customers to buy.

Sponsor Our Ship

At Mercy Ships we have a lot of things that need sponsoring. From our life-changing surgery, to fundraising literature and charity auctions. Sponsoring Mercy Ships could do wonders for your brand, and your cred with your local community and your customers.

Make Mercy Ships Your Charity of the Year

Nominate Mercy Ships as your charity of the year and get your entire crew working alongside ours. Experience the same camaraderie as we do on board as we work together to transform lives. Raise money for a vital piece of equipment, such a heart monitor, or fund one a development project that will improve healthcare for many years to come.

Corporate Donations

Make a lasting difference to those who need it most by making a company donation to Mercy Ships. It doesn’t have to be a financial gift, you can also give Gifts in Kind, your employee’s time, use of your company facilities or company shares.    

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving enables employees to make regular, tax-efficient donations to charity from their salary. These regular donations, topped up by the government, enable us to offer poor people the long-term commitment they need to improve their lives.

Pennies From Heaven

With a simple payroll change, your staff can make regular donations to Mercy Ships from their salaries. Donations made from the Pennies From Heaven Scheme can also benefit from Gift Aid, which means donations will increase in value by a further 25p for every £1 donated, at no cost to the employee. To find out how your company can transform lives through the Pennies from Heaven scheme, click here