From community to crew

There are many ways your church, club or community group can raise money for Mercy Ships. Your kindness will give me dical treatment to people who would otherwise never have the chance to walk, see or simply live without pain. For further information or assistance on anything below, please contact the fundraising department on 01438 727800 or by email here, or check out our resources centre.

Invite a Speaker

We love spreading the word about Mercy Ships and would love to come to your church, club or community group to give a talk. Many of our speakers are ex-crew who can talk about exactly what life is like on board and the many life-changing moments they’ve seen. Click here to request a speaker.

Breakfast for Mercy Ships

Hold a breakfast party to celebrate our work. Whether you simply share breakfast buns around,  provide a full English or hold a barbecue brunch; and whether you are at home, in a community hall, or on a mountain top at sunrise – your breakfast will be special, because it has a special purpose! Click here to request a Mercy Ships Breakfast pack, or download posters, invitations and documents here

Mercy Collection

By holding a collection for Mercy Ships during a special time of year such as Easter, Christmas, Harvest time, your church, club or community group can make miracles happen for children who can’t see or walk. We’ll send you collection envelopes, money-boxes, literature, and posters. Click here to request info for our Sea Harvest of Healing initiative.

Sponsor an operating table

Get your church, club or community group working together and help the poorest parts of the world. Your church, club or community group could raise money to buy a piece of equipment, such as an operating table, or pay for a development project that will transform the lives of an entire community.

Collect 4 Mercy

By simply collecting old, unwanted clothes your group could raise £600 for Mercy Ships. That’s what our charity partner will give us for every l,000kgs of old clothes that your church, club or community group collects.

Hold a Fundraising Event

There are endless events to raise money and awareness for our work such as, cake bakes, quiz nights, sports competitions, celebrity evenings, fashion shows, theme nights. Click here for an A-Z of fundraising ideas.