Other ways to fundraise

What better way to support the vital, lifesaving work of Mercy Ships than to get together with family, friends or colleagues and organise your own fundraising event knowing that every penny you raise really will offer hope and healing to those in most desperate need.

We have put together a range of ideas which we hope will inspire you! Download our free fundraising pack and look through the list below for inspiration. 


Ask people to offer their time or particular expertise and hold an Auction of Promises.

Afternoon Tea
Invite friends to come round for a real ‘afternoon tea’ and charge everybody to attend.

Antiques Roadshow
Enlist the help of local experts and charge for entry and valuations.



Hold this event in your garden and charge family and friends to attend.

Charge for the service and donate your earnings to us.



Car Washing
Charge to wash cars for friends and neighbours.

Curry Night
Organise a dinner party with a difference and charge guests to attend.

Cake Bake
At home or at work this is always popular – sell slices for a £1 each.

Car Boot Sale
Take a pitch and sell unwanted items at your local Car Boot Sale.

Gather a group of helpers to collect at your local store, along a sea front or in a town centre. (We can help organise necessary permissions and licenses).

Charity Car Parking
Does your Council allow charity car parking onSundays? Can you find supporters to staff the car park for a day?



Dog Walking
Offer your services as a dog walker.

Dinner Dance
Good food, a good band and a raffle will help this event go well.



Easter Egg Hunt
Organise this in your garden or a local park and charge people to take part.

Register on eBay.co.uk and have fun auctioning off unwanted items.

Ask local craftspeople – artists, jewellers, wood turners etc – to hold an exhibition of their work and charge admission.



Fashion Show
Speak to a local shop or boutique and ask them to stage a fashion show in aid of Mercy Ships.

Football Matches
Speak to local clubs about organising a half time collection.



Golf Tournament
Ask a local club to sponsor this event and help you publicise it to club members and local business people.



Head Shave
Find a brave person to raise money by having their head shaved!

Hat Show
Same as a fashion show but with hats!



International Evening
A dinner party with a difference with each course from a different country.



Jumble Sale
Easy to organise and always popular.

Jewellery Evening
One for the ladies – Invite a local jeweller along to talk about their craft and take a percentage of anything they sell.



Karaoke Night
One for all ages! Ask a local hotel or pub for help organising this.



Line-dancing evening

Keep fit and raise vital funds at the same time.



Murder Mystery Party
Not for the faint hearted!

Mile of Pennies
Ask pupils at local schools to collect coins in a Smarties tube and on a set day try and make a mile of pennies around the playground.

Moveable Supper Party
Starters in one house, mains in another etc, etc!



Nearly New Sale
Organise a sale of clothes, unwanted presents or children’s’ toys.

Non-Uniform day
An easy fundraiser for Schools to organise. Pay £1 to come to School in your own clothes.



Organise a family challenge day.



Plant Sale
Sell cuttings of all your favourite plants to family, friends and colleagues.

Research local centres and organise a leap into the unknown! Go to www.skylineparachuting.co.uk for more information.

Pub Games Evening
Teams pay to enter for skittles, dominoes, pool, darts etc.



Quiz Events
Always popular, organize an inter department quiz at work or get together in a local hotel for a quiz night.



Raffle tickets should not be sold externally from the event unless a local authority licence is arranged by the organizers. Cloakroom tickets sold at the event are fine, but should be drawn as individual numbers and not as strips of numbers. Our fundraising team would be delighted to help you organise an appropriate raffle for your event.

Recipe Book
Ask friends, family and colleagues for their favourite recipes and put them together in a book. Sell it in Schools, Companies or at local events.



Sponsored Events
Run, swim, slim or sit in a bath of beans! Ask friends and colleagues to find a fun way to raise sponsorship.

Scrabble Marathon
How many games can you get going at once?

Sunday Brunch
The ideal way to get together with friends after a brisk walk – ask for donations.



Ten Pin Bowling Tournament
Easy to organise and great fun for families.

Theatre Preview
Persuade your local theatre or amateur dramatics society to do a preview in aid of Mercy Ships.

Organise your own event or ask Young Farmers’ Clubs to organise an event and donate the proceeds.

Treasure Hunt
Arrange a route with clues leading to the treasure. Can have as many cars involved as you need.

Ask family, friends and colleagues to donate a prize for this firm favourite.



University Challenge
Get together teams who attended different universities and hold a challenge to see which university comes top.



Valentines Day Ball
A great excuse to get dressed up and raise money.

Variety Concert
Seek out talented friends and colleagues and put on a show, charging for admission of course.



Wine Tasting Evening
Invite a local wine merchant to bring along a range of wines and charge people to attend the tasting.

White Water Rafting
Get a team together and find your nearest centre.



X Factor
Organise your own version of the TV hit show.



Yes Day
Ask people to sponsor you to say ‘yes’ to peoples’ (reasonable) demands for a day!