Get behind our riders!

Hilary Everett London to Paris

Get behind our riders!

Our 12 incredible cyclists are about to take on the challenge of a lifetime – cycling from London to Paris to raise money for Mercy Ships.

The riders will cycle for 300 miles from Crystal Palace to the Eiffel Tower from 25-29 July, and they will arrive in Paris in time to watch the grand finale of the Tour de France.

The 12 riders are: David Seager, Denis Oppong-Gyapong, Gill van Hasselt, Hilary Everett, Julian Hancock, Lance Jordan, Michael Pollard, Raymond Ryan, Stephen King, Stephen Phillips, Terry Astin and Neil Harris.

“A thump in my chest”

“When I saw it advertised on the Mercy Ships website, my heart did a big leap and thump in my chest, and I just knew I had to do it!” says Hilary Everett (pictured above).

“I’m looking forward to meeting the other riders! I will definitely cry, knowing that each rider comes with their own moving story of how they got to this point, and I’m so looking forward to having the privilege of learning about some of them. I’m looking to forward to new scenery – am a bit fed up with my well-cycled routes now! And, of course, reaching the Eiffel Tower!”

“I haven’t done anything like this before,” says Raymond Ryan. “The most I have done before is a 30-mile event. I am excited about all parts of it from the two cities to cycling through the lovely country side in between.”

All of the money that the riders raise will go towards Mercy Ships medical programmes in Africa as we work to eradicate diseases of poverty.

“It’s such a great cause,” says Gill van Hasselt. “I am inspired by the work done onboard the Africa Mercy and the work done in the wider community – such as the Hope Centre – bringing hope and healing to some of the the poorest nations in the world.”

Follow the team’s progress on our website and across our social media channels – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – in the coming weeks. And if you feel inspired to sign up yourself, we will be running the event next year too. Click on the button below to find out more and get involved!