Specialist infant feeding flour developed by Mercy Ships crew member

Specialist infant feeding flour developed by Mercy Ships crew member

Eliphaz Essah is one of our dedicated crew members who has recently used his skills to help his community in Benin.

Essah, who speaks ten languages (Ewe, Krio, Lingala, Fon, Mahi, Kotafon, Yoruba, Goun, Mina, English and French), usually leads the Mercy Ships Food for Life programme, which teaches the importance of good nutrition and efficient farming techniques. However, due to the current situation, he returned to Benin and started a new project.

Eliphaz Essah, Agriculture Program Manager, in one of the greenhouses on the agriculture site.

“For a long time, I had been holding a vision to produce an instant infant feeding flour rich in protein that can be used to supplement nutrition. I felt that now was the time for this vision to grow.”
Essah has donated this new flour to several orphanages, providing meals where resources are dwindling and hope was failing.

“Amongst the unknowns, I decided not to sit at home and do nothing, but to allow all the experiences of the last few years and the many things I have learned as Project Manager for the Food for Life Programme to shape my vision for this season and allow God to transform my circumstances.”

Like many in the Mercy Ships family, Essah didn’t stop mercy during these challenging times. Please #Don’tStopMercy


Essah, with children from an orphanage in Sakete, Benin whom he donated his new flour product to.