Remember Mercy Ships

Leaving a gift to a charity in your Will is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant difference to a cause you care about. By remembering Mercy Ships you can keep making life-changing moments happen, long after you’re gone.

Leave the world with a smile, a dance or a run

Your gift could help future generations of children to smile for the first time, run into the arms of their mothers after years of not being able to. Or you could fund a development project to prevent disease long into the future.

Information on making or updating your Will

Making a Will
Writing a Will is essential if you want your estate to pass to the people you wish to benefit. If you die without one, the law decides how your estate is distributed, and the causes or people you really care about may receive nothing. If no relatives are found, your entire estate goes to the government.
For more information on making your Will click here to request our free guide.

Updating a Will
You should review your Will annually because circumstances change which may revoke it including the birth of a child, marriage, or the death of a spouse. If changes need to be made, the cost will be less than having a new Will written. If you only need to make a few changes, then you can make a legal addition to your Will known as a Codicil. The Codicil form needs to be taken to the person who holds your will and that executors should be notified. 

For a Codicil form to change your Will please click here.

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