Don’t stop Mercy this Christmas

Every year, more people die from a lack of access to safe, affordable surgery than from HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria – combined! This is a global surgery crisis.

Mercy Ships exists to tackle this crisis, a crisis which has been worsed by COVID-19. Lockdowns and overwhelmed healthcare systems have made essential healthcare harder to reach for millions. We need your help more than ever.

We will always champion healthcare professionals throughout Africa: local heroes providing vital surgeries and treatments. You can help rebuild struggling healthcare systems as they emerge after this pandemic.

We won’t stop mercy. Please join us.

Below, you can find lots of different ways to get involved this Christmas, from watching our carol service, giving a gift in memory of someone or visiting our Christmas shop.

Watch our carol service

This year we are hosting a very special Carol service. Since we can’t be together in person this year we can still be together in spirit. On Wednesday the 16th of December join us on TBN, Freeview channel 65, for a televised Mercy Ships Carol service.

Give in memory

Honour a loved one by donating in their name.

Mercy Ships Carols
Christmas cards
Winter Wonderland onboard the Africa Mercy

What is Christmas like onboard?

Georgia Ainsworth spent two years serving onboard the Africa Mercy. She describes a Christmas from her time onboard our floating hospital…