Change the Odds

This is your chance to change the odds

and have your donation doubled by the UK government.

Every year, 18 million people die from a lack of access to safe, affordable surgery when they need it. This is more than the deaths from HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria – combined! There is a global surgery crisis.

This is where Mercy Ships comes in. We operate the world’s largest charity hospital ship providing thousands of free surgeries every year. Our crew is almost entirely made up of volunteers who believe that access to healthcare should not depend on where you are born. Mercy Ships train and mentor local health professionals in every country we visit to ensure that once we leave the country’s healthcare infrastructure is stronger than when we arrived.

Change the Odds

Donate before December 31st to have your donation doubled by the UK government.

Your gift will provide twice as much free, life-changing medical care to people in need.



can pay for UV Glasses for a patient to wear after cataract surgery. Doubled by the UK government to £20, your gift can help two people, like twins Dorkas and Anna, to see again.

Dorkas and Anna, Mercy Ships


can help to buy sterile surgical dressings for burns and other wounds. Doubled by the UK government to £60, your gift will provide twice the amount of life-saving supplies for surgeons like Dr Agbessi to put to good use.


can help provide surgery for orthopaedic problems such as club feet or bowed legs. You can literally help the lame walk. Doubled to £100 by the UK government, your gift can help two people just like Salamatou and Mariama.

Two sisters running

Where will donations to #ChangeTheOdds go?

Public donations will be used to deliver life-changing and life-saving surgery, training and infrastructure across West Africa. Matched funds from the UK government will be spent delivering 1,700 free surgical procedures, treating 3,500 dental patients and training 1,400 healthcare professionals in Senegal specifically.

All public donations made before the December 31st to the #ChangeTheOdds campaign will be matched by the UK government.

This applies to donations made from the British public, trusts and fundraising groups. This does not apply to corporate donations, donations from overseas or gift aid.