The 10lb Challenge

Fanta and her 10lb tumour

The 10lb Challenge

This incredible woman is named Fanta. For 10 long years, she carried this enormous tumour on her arm, hiding it under her clothes as best she could.

The tumour weighed 10lbs, or 4.5kg. That’s the equivalent of nine 500g bags of sugar or three 1.5-litre bottles of water. Can you imagine carrying that with you every day, unable to put it down?

If any of us in the Western world suffered from a tumour like this, we could easily go to the hospital to have it removed. But for millions of people like Fanta living in less-developed countries, accessing safe, affordable surgery when they need it is almost impossible.

Without surgery, they have to cope as best they can, carrying their burdens with them. Often these “diseases of poverty” lead to complications and death. More than 17 million people die every year from conditions requiring surgery.

So what does it feel like to carry 10lbs around with you? Take on our #10lbchallenge today to find out! Watch the video below to find out how to play, or follow these simple instructions:


The #10lbchallenge

1. Find a bag.
2. Gather items that weigh 10lbs. We did it with three 1.5ltr bottles of water. You could also use bags of sugar or flour, or tinned food. (10lbs is the same as around 4.5kg.)
3. Put the items in the bag, and hold your arm out straight to one side.
4. Get a friend to time you to see how long you can hold it out.
5. Don’t bend your elbow!
6. Swap roles with your friend, and see who can complete the #10lbchallenge the longest.
7. Now, imagine how it must feel if you can’t put the bag down …

Film yourself doing the challenge, and post it to social media using the hashtag #10lbchallenge — and don’t forget to tag @mercyshipsuk.

Fanta’s story has a happy ending. Thanks to your support, Mercy Ships provided her with free, safe surgery in Cameroon, and now she doesn’t have to carry this enormous burden with her.

Give a gift today to help more people like Fanta get the medical care they need.