Big Easter Breakfast

You are invited to join in our Easter Breakfast Campaign, supporting the work of Mercy Ships in bringing vital health services to those in urgent need! 

From our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy we provide surgeries for blindness, cleft lip, orthopaedics, childbirth injury, facial reconstruction, dental treatments and much more, truly transforming lives and communities.

The money raised from your Easter Breakfast could make such a difference. Just £40 could put a smile back on a child by helping to fund a cleft lip and palate operation. Not only will surgeons transform a child’s face, but they could save the life of a baby who cannot feed properly.

There are many ways to become involved in this popular event, and we’re looking to community groups to take part across the country - whether at senior living homes; school breakfast clubs and mother and toddler groups; churches, workplace canteens at fire, police, ambulance and coastguard stations; refectories at naval bases and universities; clubhouses at sailing, holiday and activity centres; as well as café outlets across the country!

Click here to organise an Easter Breakfast for Mercy Ships, or telephone 01438 727 800 for a free fundraising pack.

If you've already signed up, click here to download resources to make your Big Easter Breakfast and Big success!


If you are a group leader:
• Send for your Easter Breakfast pack
• Plan your menu and Easter activity
• Send out your invitations or sell your tickets
• Gather for a great breakfast or brunch and have some fun together
• Talk about the work of Mercy Ships and collect donations
• Send your collection and donation form to Mercy Ships
• Send us a few quotes and pictures from your event

If you are a café or retail bakery
• Organise an Easter Breakfast with customers and staff
• Could you donate a percentage on certain products over the Easter period?

If you are a company producing morning goods, breakfast foods or products for Easter:
• Can you donate vouchers, product coupons or raffle prizes for our campaign?
• Sponsor the campaign to help make it the world’s biggest breakfast!
• Can you help to promote our campaign either online or in store?

Thank you…. We need your help to bring hope on the horizon for thousands in need of medical care in West Africa!

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